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Resident Technology

Resident Technology Group (RTG) specializes in developing, marketing, and delivering broadband services to apartment and other private communities. RTG started offering services in 1999 with a mission of upgrading the technology amenities in established apartment communities. It obtained its primary funding and nurturing from WEB Services Company, a national leader in supplying laundry systems to the apartment industry. RTG currently provides Cable TV, Digital TV, and Internet services to 1000s of residents under the Village Media ( brand name.

RTG has developed considerable expertise in Internet edge systems and has hands-on experience with various technologies, including coaXmedia, Cisco Systems 7100 Series UBR, LRE copper-based Ethernet, traditional wired LANs, external WiFi point-to-multipoint wireless and wireless Hot Spot applications. High-speed Internet deployments are currently supported by RTG's in-house ISP, which is generically marketed under the brand name of COAXIM (Coax Internet Media), (

Dan Devlin, 55, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of MultiMeg also co-founded Resident Technology Group with WEB Service Company. Mr. Devlin was a consultant in telecommunications and data networks prior to founding RTG. Mr. Devlin has personally performed technology surveys and service strategies on 100s of multi-family properties, and is a leading expert on the deployment and operation of Internet systems in apartment buildings and private communities.

Mr. Devlin earned an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from The University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA and a Masters in Business Administration from Harvard Graduate School of Business, Cambridge, MA.


Digital Airwave was created to address the need for designing secure wireless networks. The personnel of Digital Airwave have backgrounds and experience in RF Engineering, Network Design, & Security. Digital Airwave constantly reviews the current and emerging standards for wireless security, protocols, and vendors supplying solutions for the industry. We sort out the buzz from what really works and apply it to unique designs aimed at the Wireless LAN and MAN infrastructure.

Digital Airwave focuses on integrating wireless into highly secure complex networks, both as a last-mile technology and as a desktop access method. We handle all forms of wireless — from WiFi to WiMAX, Bluetooth to RFID. Our vertical markets include addressing the needs of Medical, Financial, and Public Safety enterprises, as well as the general business market.

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