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Fail-Safe Redundant Bandwidth


MultiMeg's managed Internet fail-safe options aggregate multiple Internet access paths into one high-availability network. Our solution implements load balancing over two Internet circuits (wireless and wireline) to provide aggregated bandwidth for faster total throughput, at the same time providing an auto fail-over option should one circuit fail. (Diagram) MultiMeg provides a point-to-point microwave wireless link and configures our managed equipment to incorporate any existing wired service, such as DSL or T1. The result is two independent circuits supplying combined bandwidth and connectivity protection in case one circuit fails.

MultiMeg wireless microwave circuits completely bypass the phone company and any local loops or switches, thereby offering a truly independent path to the Internet. (Q&A)

MultiMeg managed fail-safe redundant services are an ideal method to increase bandwidth while also protecting mission-critical data services. Contact us today to find out more about this low-cost connectivity insurance.

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