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Wireless Internet

Q: Are MultiMeg fixed wireless connections dependable?

A: MultiMeg microwave wireless systems use Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum technology (DSSS). DSSS was developed by the U.S. military to provide a secure, robust, and reliable means of communication across great distances. DSSS products are inherently dependable, efficient, and secure.  < Back  ::  Top^

Q: Won't the rain affect the reliability of a fixed wireless connection?

A: The original specification, 802.16, used a frequency range that was sensitive to interference from rainfall. Even within the 802.16 frequency range, however, "Five Nines" availability (that's 99.999%!) can be achieved through good design practices. The lower-frequency services offered by MultiMeg operate in the 5.3 or 5.8 GHz range, where rain has no practical impact.  < Back  ::  Top^

Q: Doesn't fixed wireless require an unobstructed line of sight?

A: Yes. There must be a clear line of sight between MultiMeg's service tower and your business. Also, trees and other buildings can cause obstructions, distorting the signal. MultiMeg pre-qualifies each location for service and signal level prior to any formal commitment to supply service.  < Back  ::  Top^

Q: Aren't wireless loops just like WiFi?

A: WiFi networks were designed to replace wired Ethernet LANs. In order to make the technology easy to use and to allow for a wide variety of hardware to work together, security and access control were compromised. WiMAX is a developing standard that focuses on using wireless point-to-point connections as a replacement for Teleco local loops. These loops are closed and private, and do not allow multipoint connections like those used in WiFi LANs. Though WiMAX is not yet an official published standard, MultiMeg incorporates many of the developed attributes of this technology, offering services that align with emerging WiMAX standards, especially in the area of wireless security.

Q: I'm concerned about security. Can my wireless transmissions be intercepted?

A: No. Your business will be serviced by an individually provisioned point-to-point circuit that can only be used for communication between your site and MultiMeg's network. Transmissions are encrypted by a proprietary technology built into the radio hardware. Furthermore, unlike Wi-Fi, each wireless radio needs explicit authorization from MultiMeg in order to access the line. Due to our advanced security features, MultiMeg's wireless circuit is in fact more secure than a standard T-1. Read more about MultiMeg Wireless Internet Security. < Back  ::  Top^

Q: Isn't wireless susceptible to interference from other devices operating in the unlicensed 5.3 or 5.8 GHz bands? What if another system is installed in my service area and interferes with the wireless link?

A: There is a potential for overlapping or conflicting frequencies, however MultiMeg's systems are well designed, using directional antennas and non-overlapping frequency channel selection, and unlike 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, there are currently very few established fixed wireless deployments, and none in the greater South Sound area. The FCC also requires that unlicensed equipment not cause interference to any other systems (see FCC Rules, Parts 14.247 and 15.401). The practical effect is that the first system deployed has a significant advantage.  < Back  ::  Top^

Q: What about roof access? Will I have trouble if I do not own my building?

A: MultiMeg's equipment can be installed at almost any location. FCC rules prohibit restrictions on installing, maintaining, or using a fixed-wireless service antenna. (See FCC Rule 47 C.F.R. section 1.4000.) The rule overrides all state or local laws or regulations, including zoning land-use or building regulations, as well as private covenants, homeowners' association rules, condominium or cooperative association restrictions, lease restrictions, and the like. See the Federal Communications Commission Web site at for more information.  < Back  ::  Top^

Q: How difficult is it to switch to MultiMeg's wireless service from ISDN, DSL, or a wireline T-1?

A: It's fast and easy! MultiMeg wireless connects to your office LAN or single computer with a standard Ethernet (10Base-T) connection, and we handle all of the IP addressing and allocation details.  < Back  ::  Top^

Q: What if I need more bandwidth?

A: MultiMeg makes bandwidth upgrades fast and seamless. You can request an service upgrade through our Web site or by dialing 253-617-1530. Your upgrade will be provisioned before the next business day, with no need for on-site service.  < Back  ::  Top^

Fail-Safe Redundant Bandwidth

Q: Would 2 wireline connections offer the same protection as MultiMeg fail-safe bandwidth?

A: No. Most wireline outages are caused by faults or cutting of the Qwest wireline bundles (local loops) leading to your business. Since every wired connectivity solution must use the same wire bundles that currently service your business, both of the seemingly independent wireline providers are traveling the exact same path on co-bundled wire, and so are subject to the same failures.  < Back  ::  Top^

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