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The Internet was originally conceived by the U.S. Defense Department as an indestructible communications network meant to supplant the fragile telephone system. Now the original purpose of the Internet is coming of age: the Internet Protocol (IP) is the global communications standard of the future. As businesses move toward the integration of data and voice, they will better serve their customers while reaping productivity gains and enjoying reduced costs.

The first step is to analyze the best solution for your business: Hosted IPBX services or IP Trunk lines for Legacy PBX or Keyed Systems. The best determinant is the number of workstations that need to be supported. Generally, at less than 24 workstations, hosted services are more economical; at 24 to 50 workstations, other factors need to be considered in the evaluation; at 50 or more workstations it is probably best to look at a combination of traditional and IP Trunk lines. In all cases, however, a full and complete analysis should be performed before any new capital expenditures.

Through its reseller relationships with Broadvox, MultiMeg offers IP Trunk service that avails business customers of the benefits of IP Telephony without the necessity for displacing legacy systems. By offering a Gateway solution that allows your existing systems to interface with our IP Soft Switches, your company can achieve the benefits of a multibranch WAN and global telecommunications network while realizing the significant cost reductions inherent in IP-based services.

IP Trunk services are a very cost-effective high-volume service solution suitable for businesses that want to migrate part of their telecommunications to an IP base. They are easy to set up and come with a simple Web browser administration interface. Please contact us for more information.


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